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Support the "Seen Through Horses Campaign" during Mental Health Awareness Month of May

The statistics surrounding mental illness are staggering: one in five people will be affected by mental illness in their lives, with depression becoming the leading cause of disability worldwide (NAMI, 2020). Despite the prevalence of this issue, two-thirds of those affected never seek help, and of those who do, only about 50% find traditional talk therapy successful. However, it’s encouraging to note that in recent years concerns for mental health have gained increasing recognition. It’s crucial to increase public awareness of the myriad ways horses can help in one’s journey to pursue healing.

Horses for Mental Health is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying awareness, engagement, and access to services incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth. Individuals navigating challenges such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, relationship struggles, or life transitions like divorce, or who may be seeking to improve their overall well-being, can experience tremendous benefits through professional services involving horses.

Horses are highly intuitive to nonverbal messages and help provide a safe and dynamic environment for healing through the relationship facilitated by trained professionals. At its foundation, these services mean that rather than going to see a psychotherapist or counselor in an office setting, clients experience some or all of their sessions in an environment with horses.

Witness the profound impact these powerful creatures can have. Watch "Breathe: A Story of Transformation" to see how a veteran healed from PTSD with the help of a horse, learning to breathe freely once again.

Young woman in an equine therapy session kissing the face of a horse while holding its chin in her hands
Young woman participating in an equine therapy session

Horses for Mental Health's flagship initiative, the Seen Through Horses Campaign, is an annual peer-to-peer awareness and fundraising campaign uplifting organizations that offer mental health and personal growth programs and services incorporating horses. 

Now in its third year, the 2024 campaign unites over 80 non-profit organizations nationwide, amplifying their mission and raising critical funds. Donations are directed straight to these organizations, supporting their work in making this unique therapy accessible to all.

Join Horses for Mental Health this May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, for the annual Seen Through Horses Campaign! Together, we can bring our shared vision to life: a world where everyone has access to the transformative power of horses.

The Power of Horses: Breaking Barriers

Watch the story of the incredible impact that a small nonprofit organization is having on the community of Oakland, California. “We Ride Too” is committed to serving a wide range of young people in the Oakland area who face various challenges and traumas with limited access to resources. Through programs for youth to connect with nature and horses, each child has a place where they are told they "can," instead of "can't," breaking barriers and making a difference for their mental health and future.

The Power of Horses | Advocating for First Responders

First responders face daily challenges and overwhelming stress from their intense jobs, resulting in higher rates of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Despite this, they courageously serve as our first line of defense against emergencies, fires, and life-threatening situations. More than ever, we need to rally together to support our first responders to support their mental health and well-being on a local, state, and federal level through advocacy, legislation, and funding for programs and services incorporating horses.

Horses for Mental Health would like to thank Zoetis Equine, the Title Sponsor of the Seen Through Horses Campaign.

To get involved in the Seen Through Horses Campaign, visit


To learn more about the incredible impact horses can have on mental health and overall well-being, please visit

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EquuStyle Art & Travel magazine thanks Tyler Tyler Brklacich and Lynn Thomas, Co-Founders of Horses for Mental Health, for providing us with Amanda Alden’s article and the well-produced videos which are also available on Horses for Mental Health’s YouTube channel. Please share the link to this article to share HMH’s Seen Through Horses Campaign, especially during May which is Mental Health Awareness month.


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