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The Right Step, Inc. is a Small Nonprofit Making a Big Impact

Improving the lives of People Through the Immeasurable Power of Horses.

The Right Step, Inc. in Littleton, Colorado provides "adaptive riding and horsemanship programs for clients of all ages with a range of physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive disabilities experience freedom they have never felt before."

Like many equine-assisted organizations, The Right Step, Inc. in Littleton relies on the generosity of its donors and volunteers to provide valuable therapeutic services for clients from 4-years-old and up.

The healing power of their horses is backed up by dedicated individuals who care for the horses and the clients who receive physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits from equine-assisted therapy.

The Veteran’s Program at The Right Step, Inc. is changing lives through the remarkable healing power of horses. Your donation, of any amount will enable The Right Step, Inc. to provide the necessary resources, staff and equine partners to facilitate the healing process for our veterans.

Amazing Horses at The Right Step, Inc.


These amazing equine partners are an integral part of The Right Step, Inc.'s programs and proper care for our herd is a top priority. Sponsoring a horse is a great way to help support The Right Step and make sure our herd is happy and healthy. Click on a photo above and you will be redirected to the page to learn more about what it means to sponsor that horse and how to give.


This short video shows The Right Step, Inc. in action with horses, clients, staff, and volunteers making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. The horses have been given new purpose and are loved and appreciated by every person.


EquuStyle Art & Travel sponsors Challenger and hopes you will consider sponsoring one of the therapy horses at The Right Step, Inc. Help support their therapy horses that provide people with disabilities an opportunity to "experience freedoms they have never felt before."


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