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Shop to Support Wild Horses

You can make a difference by supporting artists and organizations working diligently to protect and preserve America's vanishing wild horses. 

Wild Horse Palomino Stallion named Cloud posturing and prancing before fighting in the Pryor Mountains

The Cloud Foundation Official Merchandise 

All proceeds go directly to TCF's mission of protecting and preserving wild horses & burros!

Horse Refuge 8.jpg

Show your support for The Wild Horse Refuge by shopping and learning about this amazing 23-acre free-roaming Horse Sanctuary today!


Living Images by Carol Walker is a stunning collection of photographs that perfectly captures the essence of wild horses. Carol sees her artwork as an ideal vehicle for enhancing and expressing her advocacy for wild horses. She started her educational podcast on wild horses, Freedom for Wild Horses in March, 2023.


Return to Freedom depends on the kind and generous donations of people who care deeply about our nation’s equine heritage so that we may keep our wild horses and burros safe and cared for, as well as continue our invaluable work in protective legislation, conservation, and educational outreach.

wm day at copper pond.jpg

Painter of the West and its wild, Melody De Benedictis is also a wild horse advocate. Since 2010, she has extensively traveled the western open lands to photograph and experience the wild. Melody then incorporates in her experiences into her paintings with strong focus on the wild mustang. 


Award-winning wildlife and wild horse photographer Sandy Sisti says, "I don’t want to live in a world without wild horses and I know I’m not alone. That’s why I continue to advocate for them.​"

Shop "Shirts with a Cause" to Help the McCullough Peaks Wild Horses.

Horse Legs

Shop for a Good Cause

Your support can make a difference when you buy from a nonprofit or artist who advocates for wild horses. Join the cause and become a wild horse advocate yourself.

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