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Colorado Horse Rescue: 
Making Strides in Equine Welfare

In the heart of Colorado, nestled amidst the mountains and sprawling landscapes, exists a haven for creatures that embody grace, strength, and companionship: horses. Since 1986, Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) has been a place of hope, tirelessly working to build a brighter future for horses in need.

CHR's mission is as simple as it is profound: to create safe solutions for every horse, regardless of their past or present circumstances. As a 501(c)(3) impact organization, CHR operates with a clear vision, fueled by passion and dedication.

Horses from all walks of life find refuge when they enter through CHR’s gate. From private owners seeking responsible rehoming to horses rescued from dire situations, CHR welcomes all those in need. These horses often come with unique challenges, be it medical issues or behavioral complexities. Within the embrace of CHR's dedicated team of equine professionals, each horse is given a chance to heal, grow, and thrive.

On a sprawling 50-acre property, CHR operates at full capacity, providing industry-leading care to 60 horses every day. For CHR, the journey extends to rehabilitation, rehoming, and beyond, as they continue to advocate for the welfare of horses everywhere.




Horses at dude and guest ranches create unforgettable memories, yet their retirement often leads to uncertain fates at auctions, risking falling into the slaughter pipeline. To offer a compassionate alternative, The Annie Project was established in 2017 by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope Horse Rescue, C Lazy U Ranch, and The Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association. This initiative provides retiring ranch horses a chance at new beginnings through reputable rescues.

The Annie Project was inspired by Annie, a gentle horse from C Lazy U Ranch, discovered in a livestock auction by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope. Annie’s rescue sparked a transformative movement, prompting C Lazy U Ranch to reflect on their responsibility towards their horses’ well-being, even after retirement. Initially nurtured by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope, the project has now been entrusted to Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) to expand its mission.

C Lazy U Ranch remains a supporter of The Annie Project. In fact, they have partnered with Locke + Co Distilling to craft a limited-edition Aspen Aged Rye whiskey. Each bottle sold at the ranch supports Colorado Horse Rescue, honoring Annie’s legacy and funding the care of retired ranch horses like Annie. 

The Annie Project is a heartwarming testament to compassion and collaboration, ensuring a brighter future for horses by granting these animals the dignified retirement they so richly deserve.


Come experience the magic of Colorado Horse Rescue yourself on Saturday, September 21, 2024! As the sun sets over the Colorado horizon, CHR invites you to join them for Mane Event, a celebration of fellowship, fun, and impact.

Set against the backdrop of their picturesque property in Longmont, Mane Event promises an evening of joy and purpose, where guests can experience the CHR mission firsthand. It's an opportunity to become part of a vision-driven community, united in their dedication to making a difference in the lives of horses, today and for generations to come.


There are many ways to join CHR in their mission. Volunteers are essential to the organization, contributing their time and skills to support various aspects of their operation. From barn chores to administrative tasks, every pair of hands makes a difference.

For those unable to volunteer, donating offers another avenue of support. Whether through financial contributions, legacy planning, or heartfelt gifts, every donation fuels CHR's efforts to serve more horses and make a lasting impact.

Businesses, too, can play a vital role in supporting CHR's mission through sponsorship. By aligning with CHR, businesses not only demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility but also gain valuable exposure within the community. It's a partnership that benefits both parties while advancing the cause of equine welfare.


In keeping with their commitment to serving not only the horses within their gates but also the broader equine community, CHR introduces HorseAlert.

As wildfires increasingly threaten Colorado and beyond, CHR founded HorseAlert after witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of natural disasters on the equine community. Often, horse owners lack trailers, and many facilities have more horses than they can transport during evacuations.


HorseAlert, a FREE emergency response tool, connects those needing to evacuate horses with willing volunteers. Just like popular rideshare applications, HorseAlert matches individuals in need with those ready to assist. Join CHR in its mission to safeguard the lives of horses, their caregivers, and fellow evacuees during times of crisis.

Visit for more information, to register your horses, and to volunteer as a driver.

Colorado Horse Rescue remains a steadfast ally for horses in need, driven by compassion and commitment. With innovative solutions and the unwavering support of the community, it continues to create safe solutions for horses in need. Join CHR’s mission, as together, strides are made towards a world where all horses know safety, healing, and love.


EquuStyle Art & Travel magazine thanks Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate, Colorado Horse Rescue for writing an excellent article and sharing photographs and videos. Our sincere thanks to the staff, volunteers, and board members for using their time, talents, and energy to "build a better world for horses, one life at at time" .

All images Copyright Colorado Horse Rescue -all rights reserved. Cannot be reproduced for any purpose without permission from Colorado Horse Rescue.


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